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Our Services 

We offer a wide variety of services for you and your pet(s) including in-home training, group courses, evaluations for rescues and shelters, dog walking, and in-home pet care while you are away.

Private Training: Find out more about our private training options

  • In-home- We start with a consultation to meet you and your dog and discuss your challenges and goals. We will discuss which plan of action would be best suited to achieve your goals. This is a great starting point to get on the right track to solving your dogs' behavioral issues. 

  • Rescue evaluation- This is for rescues and shelters who have a dog in their care with behavioral concerns that need to be evaluated.

Group Training Classes: Find out more about our group training options

  • 6-Week Fundamentals Course- Build strong fundamental behaviors including recall, loose leash walking, polite greetings, targeting, and a positive interrupter.

  • 6-Week Puppy Socialization Classes- Set you and your puppy up for success by preventing unwanted behaviors before they start. We focus on socialization and foundation behaviors you want your puppy to continue as an adult.


In-Home Pet Care: Find out more about our home pet care options

  • 30 Minute Home Visit- Whether you need help during the day while you work or while you are on vacation our staff will come out and give your pet(s) a potty break, food/water, and a walk.

  • 1 Hour Home Visit- A longer visit where our staff will play, do enrichment, and/or walk with your dog(s) while we are there.

  • Overnight Stay- While you are on vacation one of our staff will stay at your home overnight to keep your pet(s) company.

Staff and volunteer training: Find out more about our staff training options

We offer customized staff and volunteer training for shelters, veterinarian offices, daycares, boarding facilities, rescue groups, dog walking companies, and ay other pet-related group. 

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